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Renaming a Region

The process of renaming a region requires a few addition steps beyond simply changing the name in the web administrator. This is because we use this to target our key/value store on the nodes, and so that will need to be updated manually.

Step 1: Bring Down Cluster Manager

Stop Agent

SSH into each node and run: systemctl stop cs-agent

Break Cluster

You will need to determine the current cluster leader before proceeding. To do so, on one of the nodes run consul info. Under the consul section, you will see the leader.

On all nodes, except the leader, run the following

consul leave
systemctl stop consul

Verify all members have been evicted by running consul members on the leader node.

Evict the leader

consul leave
systemctl stop consul

Step 2: Update Name

On each node, update the datacenter name to match the name of the new region:

The datacenter name should be one word, all lower case.

sed -i 's/"datacenter":.*/"datacenter":"NEW-NAME",/g' /etc/consul/config.json

Step 3: Bring Up Cluster

On the leader node, bring up consul with systemctl start consul.

Use consul monitor and consul info to ensure that no errors exist.

Upon successful boot, run that same command across all nodes in your cluster

Verify all members have joined with consul members

Finally, run systemctl start cs-agent on all nodes in the cluster.

Step 4: Rename Region in ComputeStacks

Rename the region in ComputeStacks.

Last update: 2020-07-16