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ComputeStacks Controller Database

Take Backups

We recommend you take a full snapshot of the virtual machine running ComputeStacks at regular intervals. By default, database backups are only created just before a new version is deployed.

Database backups can be taken manually at anytime by running cstacks database-backup. This will created a compressed backup under /opt/computestacks/backups.

Restoring a backup

To restore a backup, cd to the backup directory and run gzip -d <filename> && psql cloudportal < <filename-without-gz>.

For example, if the database backup is: cloudportal-20200617-0940_53.sql.gz, then you would run:

I don’t recommend copy/pasting the entire block below and running it. Instead, copy each line one-by-one and run it to make sure it’s successful.

docker stop portal
dropdb cloudportal && createdb cloudportal
gzip -d cloudportal-20200617-0940_53.sql.gz && psql cloudportal < cloudportal-20200617-0940_53.sql
cstacks upgrade && cstacks run

This will:

  1. Stop the controller
  2. Delete the existing database and re-create it (you may also do this from within psql)
  3. Decompress the database backup and restore it to the newly created cloudportal database
  4. Run the upgrade command for ComputeStacks to ensure the schema is up to date, and finally;
  5. Start the portal back up.

Last update: 2020-07-16