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Join our Community Chat

We offer two platforms for connecting with our team, and other community members.


As part of your license with us, we will create a private slack channel which we will use for collaborating on your platform and any issues that arise.

  • If your organization already has a paid slack account, please contact us so that we may use Slack Connect to create a shared channel. This will allow you to communicate us without having to create a separate slack user.

  • If you currently have a free slack account, or are new to slack, please contact us to request an invitation.


We have created a public community on Discord that will allow anyone to come and discuss ComputeStacks. All are welcome, whether you are a user, provider, or just curious about our platform.

If you have support issues, please use your private Slack channel, or contact us via our normal support channels.

Join our Discord Server:

Last update: 2021-06-15