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Finalize Installation

Congratulations! 🎉

You should now be able to access your controller, and login with the credentials defined in the inventory.yml file.

If you’re unable to access the portal, please run the validation script from the previous section.

ComputeStacks Settings

Once you’ve logged in and navigated to the Admin, lets get a few basic setup. Navigate to Settings -> Advanced Settings.

You will want to review each setting, and update it as necessary.

Custom Branding


We currently have 3 options for integrating billing with ComputeStacks:

  1. Use our WHMCS plugin
  2. Configure Billing Webhooks
  3. Use our API to pull data and bill independently of ComputeStacks

LoadBalancer Wildcard SSL Certificate

During the installation process, a self-signed wildcard certificate was installed to the new Load Balancer. To install a valid certificate, please refer to our LoadBalancer SSL Guide.

SMTP Settings

If you do not have your own MTA, we recommend the following services:

Last update: 2021-06-24