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Developer Tools

Automating and extending functionality

We offer a full REST API, our current documentation is available here.

Metadata Service

To aid in building complex container setups, ComputeStacks provides an easy metadata service to running containers. This allows any running container to authenticate with the ComputeStacks API and access realtime information about all the running services and containers in their project.

Here is an example curl request that can be run from any container:

curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "Authorization: Bearer ${METADATA_AUTH}" $METADATA_URL
Example Response
  "current_service_id": 449,
  "project": {
    "id": 271,
    "name": "test"
  "services": [
      "id": 449,
      "name": "elated-newton271",
      "label": "elated-newton271",
      "created_at": "2020-01-09T23:29:24.161Z",
      "updated_at": "2020-01-09T23:29:32.946Z",
      "domains": [
      "image": {
        "id": 131,
        "label": "nginx",
        "role": "nginx",
        "category": "web",
        "tags": []
      "containers": [
          "id": 465,
          "name": "elated-newton271-480",
          "ip": ""
      "ingress_rules": [
          "proto": "http",
          "port": 80,
          "external_access": true,
          "backend_ssl": false,
          "tcp_proxy_opt": "none",
          "nat": null
      "settings": [
          "id": 448,
          "name": "some_param",
          "label": "My Param",
          "param_type": "static",
          "decrypted_value": "my param",
          "created_at": "2020-01-09T22:16:32.600Z",
          "updated_at": "2020-01-09T22:16:32.600Z"

Authentication and Single Sign On (SSO)

ComputeStacks includes an OAuth2 authentication system which allows you to build custom applications that allow endusers to authenticate directly with ComputeStacks. More information is available in our API Documentation

Last update: 2020-07-16